Humble Bundle!

April 8th, 2014

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Games for Charity!

Pay what you want, DRM Free! Cross platform, support charity!

Savant – Ascent is one of the games up for grabs if you support the Humble Bundle this week!!! You can pay whatever you want for the bundle, and it includes alot of great games(including one of my adventure favorites from way back when, the sequel to Broken Sword!)

Also, check out the new trailer I whipped up for the occasion:

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GameMaker Game Of The Year

February 11th, 2014

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

This just in folks!

As a little celebration, we will be putting up Savant – Ascent for a 50% sale on Steam beginning Thursday(13th Feb)! We want to thank all our + Savant’s fans for playing the game and voting for it!!!


But there can not be too much celebrating, we’ve got our main title Owlboy coming up, and we’re getting ready to reveal more from it very soon.

We’re planning to host a podcast where we will discuss Owlboy, and talk game-design. We’re looking forward to know what you think of it.

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Savant releasing (Steam, AppStore) on 4th Dec!

November 27th, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Savant to go!

We’re releasing Savant on a plethora of devices across the universe! On the 4th you can get it on iOS, Android and Steam, for PC, Mac and Linux, with some added features! Also, we’ve updated the Savant site( abit for the occasion.

Sized up

On PC, Mac and Linux you can finally choose you’re own in-game resolution, up to a max of 1680×1050. To the Android(and now iOS) versions, we’ve added a new control system that let’s you play the game using virtual buttons, to avoid cluttering up the screen with your own fingers.

For anyone who got the Humble Store, they will be able to download the new version of the game for their PCs, Macs or Linuxses, aswell as being able to integrate your purchase on Steam!


Here are some HD screenshots for good measure! Click the image below to open the gallery, or see them in full size at our Facebook page.

image #2
image #3
image #4
image #5
image #6
image #7
image #8

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Savant – Ascent RELEASED

August 2nd, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Available now!

Our very first release! I seriously can’t believe it! We started this project approx 5 weeks ago, and we’re acctually releasing it today!

We’ve updated the website at so you can get it from there.

Later, when we’ve slept a little from 3 days of no sleep, we’ll elaborate a little on the game, and do a little playthrough stream with the team.


Penny Arcade EXPO 2013

July 29th, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

PAX 10

Owlboy will be at PAX Prime this year, showcased together with some of my favorite indie games!!! I’m a little bit starstruck, and a little bit stressed(actually, a whole lot of stressed)!

Check out the entire roster here of PAX 10 here: PAX 10 Game Index

There will be new demo, new website, new announcements! So much new! Check out the new Owlboy website here(, and get your ass to PAX so we can show you what’s new! Hope to see you there!


Summer is over,

July 9th, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Announcement time!

Allright summer is over, and it’s time to open the lid on all these teaser’s we’ve been doing!

Our game is a collab between us and our musical artist buddy, Savant! Have a look at the trailer below! Hope you’ll like it!

It’ll be released on the 30th of July.

Now it’s back to Owly business as usual!


Savant’s on the move

June 26th, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi


Aside from our endless teasing this summer, Aleksander Vinter(aka Savant) is also hard at work with his new album! And who better to put on the task of conjuring up some artwork for the album than Simon! Hit it!

I don’t know when the album releases yet, but I’m saving up for new speakers at the office while waiting.

Also, we have started a tumblr! Here: D-Pad Studio on Tumblr!

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Summer Vacation!

June 14th, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

No time for beaches!

We started our summer vacation two weeks ago, but due to suffering from the workaholic syndrome, we’ve refused to put our hands to rest. We’ve been working on a tiny project which is going to be free to play and available and complete in only a couple weeks time.

We can’t reveal the project just yet, but we’ve started to tease the game over at the D-Pad Facebook page showing off only a few pixels every couple of hours or so. I’ll update the picture beneath accordingly:

Phase 5: Shapes!
Phase 4: More and more pixels!
Phase 3: Abundance of purple!
Phase 2: 4 bit
Phase 1: What even is that?

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Simon’s Old Games Broadcast Extravaganza Part 2

April 27th, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

It’s weekend…

… and it’s game time! Specifically, we’re going to play around with Simon’s old projects. Me, Simon and Henrik will be doing a live-stream over on like last week, this time with a second batch of games. The stream starts at 10pm Norwegian time(4pm central), can be seen here:

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Simon’s Old Games Broadcast Extravaganza Part 1

April 22nd, 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Live Stream Weekend

We’ve uploaded a live feed from our office, where we’re playing though Simon’s older projects which I’ve never had the chance to see. We’re planning to make a new episode next weekend with a second batch of older games he’s made. Here’s a recording from this weeks stream:

Watch live video from snakepixel on TwitchTV

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