Owlboy’s Composer Honored

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Indie Composer of 2012

Jonathan Geer’s music is half of Owlboy’s experience, I should know, I listen to his music all day long. What else can we do but to give you a taste of his work. Here is a track from Owlboy, together with some footage from the game.

Visit Jonathans website here: JonathanGeer.com

Turn up the quality on the video for a good peek at Simon’s pixelated work, I recommend 720p


2 Responses to “Owlboy’s Composer Honored”

  1. Tyler Noiles -

    Just stumbled onto this masterpiece today. A very excellent addition to the indie game world! Fantastic art, great music, fun controls and hats.

    Awesome demo guys!

  2. Mauricio Fidalgo -

    my heart will really need to wait untill this game is finished, such a beautiful game *-*

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