Minor Art Update #2

By: Jo-RemiJoremi


Simon’s been busy cramming as many pixels as he can into our game, to leave us something to work with as he flies off to GDC in San Francisco. I’ll leave this here for reference.

I can’t tell you much about this jungly place, except that we’ve tried to do alot of atmospheric experimentation throughout it. I think this place might be one of the most unique locations we have added yet, aswell as being one of the more challenging ones.

GDC 2013

This year, us programmers are left behind at the office to keep crunching the code, but Simon will be roaming San Fran for about two weeks. If you spot him, be sure to ask him for some swag, he’s even brought a couple of Owlboy T-Shirts, if you’d like to try and wrestle it off of him.

I hope he get’s a chance to meet many heroes down there, including the Vlambeer gang, who’s game I’ve played ridiculously much these last couple of days. Despite being close to having completed it %100, I still can’t put it away. It might be my natural Norwegian love for the art of fishing, or just that the game is absolutly awesome. If you own any I- device, go on, get fishin!

(Read in angry/bitter voice, with a hint of sadness)Here’s alse hoping Simon’ll have a nice trip.


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  1. Vincent -

    very nice!!! good continuate!

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