Summer is over,

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Announcement time!

Allright summer is over, and it’s time to open the lid on all these teaser’s we’ve been doing!

Our game is a collab between us and our musical artist buddy, Savant! Have a look at the trailer below! Hope you’ll like it!

It’ll be released on the 30th of July.

Now it’s back to Owly business as usual!


6 Responses to “Summer is over,”

  1. Adam -

    Any chance to see it released in the windows phone store?

  2. Svinto -

    Have you considered releasing it on OUYA? Would’ve been awesome!

    Since you’re already releasing for Android it wouldn’t be so hard to add support for the OUYA-controller, right.
    As a non-developer I clearly know what I’m talking about :)

  3. Ramón -

    So amazing! Can’t wait for it to be realeased!!!

  4. Irvin Lopez -

    Will be possible taht this game is available in “AppStore Mexico”?

  5. Michael Ibbott -

    why there isn’t a link or something for the game?????????? today is the day isn’t it???

  6. Michael Ibbott -

    WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE OUT!!!!!!?????????

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