Penny Arcade EXPO 2013

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

PAX 10

Owlboy will be at PAX Prime this year, showcased together with some of my favorite indie games!!! I’m a little bit starstruck, and a little bit stressed(actually, a whole lot of stressed)!

Check out the entire roster here of PAX 10 here: PAX 10 Game Index

There will be new demo, new website, new announcements! So much new! Check out the new Owlboy website here(, and get your ass to PAX so we can show you what’s new! Hope to see you there!


4 Responses to “Penny Arcade EXPO 2013”

  1. Matias Soto Peterson -

    Nice. Lykke til.

  2. Luke -

    I can’t wait to play Owlboy at PAX :-)

  3. Kein -

    So much for new demo and release date, huh.

  4. CainĂ£ perotti -

    Will owlboy come to Steam? Why you guys doesn’t try the greenlight?

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