Savant – Ascent RELEASED

By: Jo-RemiJoremi

Available now!

Our very first release! I seriously can’t believe it! We started this project approx 5 weeks ago, and we’re acctually releasing it today!

We’ve updated the website at so you can get it from there.

Later, when we’ve slept a little from 3 days of no sleep, we’ll elaborate a little on the game, and do a little playthrough stream with the team.


8 Responses to “Savant – Ascent RELEASED”

  1. Joey -

    just bought the game, i love the music and the gameplay but i wish that there were more music in game (or is there still more to be found beside the 4 i unlock) still it a good game and i’m enjoy playing it best of luck on your future game.

  2. Dinre -

    This looks like a lot of fun, and I’ll likely pick it up.

    I did have to go out and find a review of the game just to answer the obvious question: can you play with a gamepad? The answer is no.

    D-Pad games… I kinda assumed a gamepad option would exist. Where’s the d-pad, man?

  3. Alex -

    Hi , Win8 is blocking the installation saying its a malware ? but i know its , not how can i by pass this window ?

  4. Alex -

    Hi, just fond the way to avoid this problem , just open the install fille in (administrator Mode) just right click on the fille and (Open as Administrator) :D

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  6. Thomas Wollbekk -

    Awesome game! It’s got style, soul, great music and requires you to develop skill, just like a lot of the old great Amiga games.

    I only have one request and that is that I hope you make the crosshair more visible. Since it is gray it drowns in all the effects and the gray background, making it harder than neccessary to aim and pick up CD pieces.

    Keep it up fellow game developers! Looking forward to your next release(s). =)

  7. Svinto -

    Iv’e bought the game and I like it very much.
    But I’ve found what I see as a game breaking bug and I hope it can be fixed/tweaked (I hope I can explain it properly).

    The shot delay after dodging sideways is too short.
    This means that by never releasing the shot button and continuously dodge left-right all the time you will shoot a lot more multishots (second cd) compared to releasing and pressing the shot button.

    This makes the game too easy in my opinion.

  8. will -


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